Over 200 new items at Closeout Services Corp.

220 new items. Over 250,000 pieces total. Unheard of pricing. We bought the entire inventory of one company. 4 truckloads of merchandise recently arrived in our Ohio warehouse allowing us to offer a wide variety of exceptional closeout deals all at once. Take a quick look at our new  Clocks, Binoculars, Pens, Photo Frames, Radios, Tools, Wine accessories, Key Chains, Calculators, Flashlights, Phone Chargers, Speakers, Luggage Tags, ……..  checkout all new products

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Dolphin Plush for Sale

Dolphins are one of the most friendly and beloved animals of the sea. They are adored for their playful and friendly nature, and their pleasant and appealing appearance, particularly their long noses, shaped like bottles. They also have a signature “smile”. Dolphins are mammals that are closely related to whales, and are not fish, though they live primarily in the ocean. Continue reading